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The MiMTSS Data System is a free-access web-based data system designed for LEAs, ISDs and MDE to gather and analyze data that is critical for the continuous improvement of MTSS in Michigan. The data system is an example of MDE's commitment to create a systemic infrastructure that supports the needs of the field by reducing burden and creating integration with existing local data systems.
The MiMTSS Data System provides educators with:
  • A place to collect data not captured elsewhere related to MTSS inputs, implementation, and outcomes (e.g., personnel, training records, partners, capacity assessments, fidelity assessments).
  • Data presented in a common format, so they are easily understood across all levels of the education system (e.g., school/center, LEA, ISD and State).
  • Dashboards and reports designed for use during the continuous improvement process.
  • School-level data that are immediately accessible to LEAs and ISDs as they are entered.
  • A system that is designed based on the principles of effective data visualization, has undergone multiple cycles of usability testing, and is continuously improved based on user feedback.
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For a series of informational videos, please access the MiMTSS Data System Playlist on YouTube. Check it out and consider subscribing.